Hallmarked Diamonds

Hallmarked Diamonds with the best of the Designs


Gold • Silver • Diamond

Silver, Gold and Diamond Jewellery

Singhal Jewellers promises quality crafted Jewellery and Gemstones which are Elegant, Valuable and Affordable.


Diamond Jewellery

Combining the strengths and creative instincts to evolve some of the most unique textures & shapes in the array of designer jewellery. Traditional and Exquisite diamond jewellery with the symbol of purity & trust.


Gold Jewellery

Be privileged to enter the world of magical Elegance and affordabiity in Gold Jewellery with latest admirations and value for money


Silver Jewellery

Even so, Silver Jewelry remains a great " value " when purchasing Fine Jewelry. It will be... and still is.... much more affordable than GOLD Jewelry. This Forever Popular White Hot Metal will continue to be in the forefront when purchasing your fine jewelry items.